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Harnesses, Cords, Wiring, Links, Ribbon Cables, Electric Strands, etc. Electromechanical assemblies, Cable integration, etc.


Harnesses, Cords, Wiring, Links, Ribbon Cables, Electric Strands ... Sealed connector, wiring kit, any cables, molded cable, electromechanical assembly, Subcontracting low cost ...


Electrical cabinet and enclosure cabling, Control consoles, Electrical switchboard, etc. Electromechanical assemblies, Electrical connection, etc.

Les 3V

Waterproof connectors, Low pressure injection, Electrical harnesses, Twisting, Overmolded cords, Electronic links, etc. Overmolding, Ultrasonic bonding, Assembly and Mechanical machining, etc.

FB Electricité

General Electric, weak and strong currents, New & Restoration ... Installation and electrical troubleshooting, Industrial maintenance, Compliance ...


Wire harnesses, cables and electromechanical assembling
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