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Cylalide/ SERVICA Group Company

Harnesses, Cords, Wiring, Links, Ribbon Cables, Electric Strands ...

Sealed connector, wiring kit, any cables, molded cable, electromechanical assembly, Subcontracting low cost ...

Since its inception in 2004, CYLALIDE has continued to develop and improve its productivity.
In 2008, doubling its area (3000m) enables it to respond to its customers' growth requirements.
Obtaining the ISO9001 2015 version will confirm its industrial organization.
Zone production unit Low Cost, she realizes large repetitive series at very competitive costs.

Marquage sur fil
Filerie marqué jet d'encre
Cordon informatique
Cordons plats RJ45
Cordon pour carte électronique
Cordons pour CI
Liaison de masse
Fils haute température
Atelier presses à sertir
Presses de sertissage
Automate de coupe des fils
Komax Gamma
Automate de coupe de câble
Schleuniger Mega Strip
Contrôle de sertissage
Schleuniger Pull Tester
Cylalide au complet

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BP 1 – Route de Sousse
Tél  00 216 73 420 372
Fax  00 216 73 420 333

Exclusive supplier of Servica group

Our certifications

Certification ISO

ISO 9001 version 2015

Homologation UL

UL ZPFW2 E324203