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Introduction/ Servica group

Since its inception in 1981, Servica has produced electrical equipment in small, medium and large runs for manufacturers and industrial customers in the areas of transportation, capital equipment, medical, machine tools, etc.

Servica specializes in electrical harnesses, wiring and cabling, and has grown by providing global solutions integrating wiring, overmolding connectors and assembling both mechanical and electronic components.

Comprising four production sites in France and Tunisia, Servica is a major player in electrical subcontracting and guarantees its customers responsiveness, flexibility and quality, while also managing economic objectives.

From co-design to delivery, Servica pledges to provide individualized service, with an eye to your growth and satisfaction:

  • component sourcing and procurement
  • methods and industrialization
  • production using high-performance machinery
  • modern testing and control methods
  • quality management
  • packaging and storage
  • a tailored logistics solution: Lean Manufacturing, JIT, Kanban, safety stock, etc.

All the ingredients for a successful relationship!


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