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Overmolding/ Low and high pressure overmolding

Technology to seal a connector, a bulkhead or an electronic circuit.

Surmoulage BP1

Surmoulage BP2

Surmoulage BP3

Surmoulage BP4

Surmoulage BP5

Surmoulage BP6

Surmoulage BP7

Surmoulage BP9

Moulage aluminium

Moulage aluminium

Surmoulage commutateur large

Surmoulage commutateur large

Technology to seal a connector, a bulkhead or an electronic circuit.
From your specifications, we look for existing solutions, if there are none, we propose to study a specific solution for your needs:

We study, design and produce molded parts under pressure or by gravity, with technical solutions adapted to small and large series.

The injected materials:

Polyamide resin (THERMELT), PVC, PU, ​​TPE, ABS, PP, POM, PBT, PA66, PA66, PPS ...

Main specifications requirements:

  • The tightness of connectors and circuits
  • The electrical insulation
  • The mechanical component protection
  • The temperature resistance
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Weatherability

 Many benefits characterize the molding:

For parts

  • Tightness
  • Strength and mechanical protection
  • Geometries adapted to the needs, ergonomics
  • Alternative to standard products
  • Integration of secondary functions, examples signaling led, attachment points, logo ...
  • Antivibration protection
  • Inviolability of electronic circuits (low pressure only)

Process for the

  • Short cycle times
  • Immediate handling of molded parts
  • Tooling costs adapted to the parts series (aluminum and steel mold)
  • Possibility of making prototypes or EI.
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