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Quality/ Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority at SOFIELCA.

Certification ISO

ISO9001 version 2015

Homologation UL

UL ZPFW2 E324203

Certification Qualifelec


Certification Capeb


Customer satisfaction has always been a priority at SOFIELCA.

We have always insisted on quality and service. The company obtained ISO9002 certification in 2000.

The transition to the new ISO9001:2015 standard is part and parcel of Sofielca’s goal of making the customer the focus of everything we do: meeting customer requirements, and providing customer satisfaction.

The quality control plan we have implemented ensures that specified product and service requirements are met.

Throughout the manufacturing process, a variety of checks are conducted:

  • Product inspection at receiving.
  • Verification of manufacturing documents, particularly ensuring that item codes match across the customer order, the manufacturing plan and the production order.
  • Checks during manufacturing:
    • Cutting inspections validate the cutting process.
    • Self-checks that validate crimping through tensile tests.
  • A final inspection is conducted by authorized operators:
    • To ensure that all the manufacturing phase checks have been done.
    • To identify the components used.
    • To verify the compliance of the finished product (length, appearance, resilience, etc.).
    • To conduct electrical tests.

Electrical tests (continuity, insulation) are run on each equipped harness using Cirris Signature testers.

All checks are recorded. The delivery slip can not be issued without validating the final inspection.


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