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Quality/ Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority at SERVICA.

Certification ISO

ISO9001 2015 version

Homologation UL

UL ZPFW2 E324203

Certification Qualifelec


Certification Capeb


Customer satisfaction has always been a priority at SERVICA.

Our requirements have always been: quality and service

  • Delivery consistent to the specifications
  • Compliance of the promised delays to our clients
  • 100% produce reliability

Obtaining the new ISO9001 norme - 2015 version, matches our goal of placing the client at the center of each party's preoccupations: 

  • By answering his requirements 
  • By giving him satisfaction

Different checks are realised during the entire fabrication process : 

  • Componants checks at reception
  • Document fabrication check, especially concerning the correspondence of the indexes of law articles between the client's order, the fabrication plan and the fabrication order
  • In process checks:
    • Cut check to enable the cutting process
    • Auto-control to enable the crimping traction test
  • Final check made by empowered operators:
    • Confirmation that all the ongoing manufacture chacks have been done
    • Identifying the used components
    • Ensure the compliance of the final product, length, aspect, holding...
    • Electric tests

Electric tests (continuity test, insulation test) are realized on every single equiped terminal with the support of the the CIRRIS tester with Signature.

All checks that have been made are registered. Le delivery note can not be edited without final chack approval.

All our various products can be bought in the « AVAILABLE STOCKS » section.

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