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History/ The Company's History

1981 : Creation of SOFIELCA in the field of electrical harness and wires.  

1988 : SOFIELCA is relocated at Rue Richetta in Villefranche sur Saône.

1991 : Creation of PARM in Villefranche in the field of electrical cabinets.

2000 : SOFIELCA is ISO 9002 certified.

2004 : Creation of CYLALIDE, a Low-Cost productionsite located in Monastir, Tunisia.

2007 : Logistics outsourcing improvement, our products are now stored by Sotradel.

2008 : SOFIELCA and CYLALIDE are ISO 9001/2000 certified and UL approved in the ZPFW2-Wiring Harnesses category. 

2009 : Acquisition of LES 3V in Grenoble, a specialised company in the connector over-moulding process.

2011 : Partnership with the Industrial Grouping LABELYSEES, more information at

2012 : Partnership with INTERPLUS, a sourcing company located in China specialised in  electrical harness manufacturing.

2013 Acquisition of FB ELECTRICITE GENERALE in Gleizé, a company specialised in electric installation.

2016 : Création of LUSOSERVICA, the second Low-Cost production site located in Porto, Portugal.

2018 : The Company takes an environmentally-friendly commitment and is ISO 14001 certified.

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