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Verdichten/ Crimpverdichtung Analyse

Die Analyse sollte den Zustand der Crimpwerkzeuge vor der Inbetriebnahme und danach regelmäßig beurteilen.

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Analysis aimed to assess the state of crimping tools, before being put into service and periodically thereafter.
The basis of a good crimping begins with a compaction analysis:

Upon the arrival of a crimping tool, we conduct a compaction analysis to validate compliance.
Compaction will be performed periodically throughout the life of the tool, depending on the number of crimp connector or a crimping defect found.

The steps of a compacting analysis:
  • Crimping a lug
  • Cutting at the crimp barrel
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning by electrolysis
  • Calculation data by a microscope coupled to a computer
Our requirements are:
  • Respected crimp height
  • Filling rate greater than 85%
  • "Cat's ears" of less than half of the thickness of the terminal
  • Crimping heart and closed
  • Fissure prohibited
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