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Produkte/ in allen Unternehmensbereichen

Electromechanical assembly

Cell battery

Flat cord Rj45

Power socket cord

Pre-insulated terminal

Hard wire Splicing

Control harness

Power harness

Inkjet marking wires

Double insulation wire

Electric switchboard

Terminal block control

Electrical cabinet

High temperature cord

Audio outlet cord

Regulator cord

Harness with cirular socket

Ground wire

Keyboard outlet

Register rings

Shielded-connection clamps

Cabling plate

Socket cord

UL cord outlet

Extension cord

Card harness

High temperature wire

Electronic card cabling

USB cord

Terminal cabling

Control panel cabling

Cabinet and harness pulverisation

Waterproof connector

Harness of cables

Military harness

Harnessed conduits

Sub D harness

Dashboard harness

Power connectors overmolding

Commutator overmolding

Coiled cable

ADR connector and wire

Medias harness

Overmolded switch

Ribbon cable

Fused cable

Circular connector

Coaxial cord

Ferrite cords

Sub D cord

HE10 ribbon

Card and cable overmolding

Wire traceability

RJ45 connection

Solder connectors

Connectors and tinning

Overmolded battery connectors

RJ45 cord

Cord for PCB

Sub D harness

Inkjet marking wire

Ribbon with PCB connectors

Stamped ribbon

Electronic card overmolding

USB cord

HST luggage carrier harness

Railway marking

Cable overmolding